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Miners offers a wide range of IT solutions designed to empower businesses and provide them with the necessary tools that help increase productivity and catalyze the work flow inside their organizations. Miners is highly oriented towards achieving ultimate results for its companions in the public and private sectors by providing proactive solutions and accurate statistics data and numbers. Miner’s farsighted goal is to become a strategic partner for many organizations and prospective clients.

We always dig for reality, reality means helping you to reach your goals by providing you an accurate statistical data and results for business aiming to conduct market research needs of the Lebanese and Arab market. We perform research studies on the account of investors and companies from various business sectors and researchers. Miners adopt complex research methods and approaches that adhere to the latest market trends.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative and practical e-solutions that enable the growth of their companies, by using the best practices and the latest technologies in the e-World. We aim at constantly providing definite results based on extensive statistics research, thus giving various industries exclusive access to valuable information and factual data.

Our Vision

We regard our role in this domain as a duty to offer the best outcome possible, thus contributing to our national economy by providing investors with promising, real market figures.

What We Do?

Referring to client need we collect data by several methods such as field interviews, phone interviews, focus groups, internet polls and questioners, mail and other techniques. In collecting the data several techniques can be used such as blocks sectoring, door to door, and random selection. We analyze the data and provide the results in a format customized to your individual needs.


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